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3 Types Of Farmer…What Type Are You?

The three types of farmers are hobby farmers, stuck-with-the-farm-farmers, and farming-as-a-business farmers.

Hobby Farmer Hobby farmers are the ones who have a small piece of land, which they just farm for fun or their community/family. Hobby farmers farm to be sustainable, but it’s not something they are looking to do to sell their crops on a mass scale.

Family Farm Stuck-with-the-farm farmers are the family farmers who got the farm just because it was part of the family. Now some of these farmers have farming in their blood, and it is just natural to take over the farm. But other times, these are the farmers who the farm was left to. They are trying to make the farm work, but they might not want to, and they may even be looking to sell the land the farm is on.


workingtogetherThe farming-as-a-business farmer is the person who is seeking to make money through farming. There is a way to make money in farming. The way to do that is to switch the paradigm of where you make your money.

The way a lot of farmers usually do things are they grow for the local market. Then they show up to the market and have access products and don’t know what to do with them. That is when they reach out to us and say “We’d like you to sell this, it’s only going to last about four days” and expect us to sell it.

Instead, what we tell farmers to do is to take 50% of your product as wholesale at a lower dollar amount. Then take your remaining product and sell that to the markets (Retail). There are two reasons why you do this:

You get a guaranteed price of a buyer that you know will buy your crops. That way you won’t be caught with a bunch of plants that just perish.

You will have better control of your supply and your demand.
By doing this, you may be able to grow plants as you are selling them to a distributor.

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