I just had an AMAZING conversation to start of 2017 with a new farming member of ours.  We had a conversation that opend off of our eyes here at LVC.  We NEVER even thought of the benefits that this farming member has cracked into.  Because of this, I asked him to explain more and … Continue reading The Most Beneficial Farming Co-Op for Farmers

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As a local vendor, no matter what the size is, vendors will be able to supply any large wholesale food distributor and also deliver farmers market quality produce to any and every home in their communities. From Discussion Boards to help each other grow, to forecast reports that individuals might not be able to process. … Continue reading LVC’s Local Impact

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The three types of farmers are hobby farmers, stuck-with-the-farm-farmers, and farming-as-a-business farmers. Hobby farmers are the ones who have a small piece of land, which they just farm for fun or their community/family. Hobby farmers farm to be sustainable, but it’s not something they are looking to do to sell their crops on a mass … Continue reading 3 Types Of Farmer…What Type Are You?

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