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What the Dept. of Ag. Says About LVC

The state of Georgia has some of the most diverse agriculture of any state in the country. All throughout the state, there are local farmers markets and produce markets that you could spend months trying to visit. LVC has found a way to offer the same product, with the same benefit, with the ease of clicking the button. Our goal is to offer a simple way for local consumers to support local produce markets and also provide a resource for wholesale food distributors to purchase wholesale fruit and wholesale produce.

Local Vendors Coalition TM is committed to supplying every major wholesale food distributor in the southeast region by 2015. Our mission is to provide farmers market quality products with the convenience of shopping at your local grocery store.

Imagine walking into a Whole Foods, Publix, or Kroger and being able to buy the same things you can get at local farmers markets or produce markets. It would be great to see these products throughout the store. LVC gives each and every vendor the chance to be a retailer of their products or become wholesale food distributors.

As a local vendor, no matter what the size is, vendors will be able to supply any large wholesale food distributor and also deliver farmers market quality produce to any and every home in their communities. From Discussion Boards to help each other grow, to forecast reports that individuals might not be able to process. Imagine knowing exactly what is being asked for and what is being provided. Starting a business whether large or small, is a gamble but to gain all the tools LVC offers can minimize some of the risk involved.

Local Vendors Coalition TM has the capability to totally rejuvenate the State of Georgia’s local vendors. There are farmers all over the state so there is little reason why any community member should have to go elsewhere for farmers market quality produce. Now that is not saying you will be able to find ANYTHING you want from the LVC but we are going to do what we can to offer all the local fruits and vegetables that are available. LVC is something that tons of people have wanted for years and finally it is here. Imagine coming home from work and seeing your fresh, locally grown produce waiting for you. Have you ever had a fresh Georgia heirloom tomato? It doesn’t get much better than that. With our professional drivers and our LVC Temp Bags, we have the ability to deliver items to you throughout the day.

Again the LVC’s goal is to help local vendors expand their market and grow as individuals and as a collective whole. LVC will help local business by not only selling their wholesale fruit and wholesale produce but also advising them with logistical decision such as transportation of products. Vendors will have the ability to buy items at bulk price and only need to buy small amounts. This is something that will help any small local business to better serve the community but also allow them to grow and have all of the same advantages as any large wholesale food distributor. The LVC understand and respects the free market but the beautiful thing is with the LVC’s help, the local guys can take back the market that seems to have been stolen by the larger companies. It is time for the Local Vendor to start serving the local community.

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