Our Mission


Our mission is to bring together local vendors through straightforward lines of communication, logistics, and support. We hope to create an online farmer’s market for consumers and a wholesale produce market for food distributors. Through this marketplace, we can bring back local vendors to the local community.


Local Vendors Coalition™ is the first to offer a consistent connection between vendors and buyers through an online marketplace. LVC not only [xxx] connects local vendors, but also allows businesses and individuals to buy produce at a wholesale price.


LVC has all of the necessary insurance and logistical requirements to work with buyers big and small taken care of. Vendors only need to do one thing: Provide the product!

We understand the headache and cost that comes with breaking into large markets. LVC offers several options to sell your wholesale products. As a vendor, LVC makes your life easier by receiving large orders, sending out alerts for needed products, and handles the logistics from you to the wholesale distributor. In addition, you can count on LVC to keep you updated on current events in the industry.
Now is your chance to work with local vendors! We know how hard it is to balance numerous accounts while staying on top of wholesale products. When you work directly with LVC, you can get what you need by working with a single person. What this means for you: One drop off time, one invoice, and all the local products for your community.
As an individual buyer, you can purchase local products directly from the farmer from the comfort of your home. In addition, all of the services offered by LVC are 100% free just for you. Receive your local products from the click of your mouse to the door of your house with our direct delivery service.
Often times, vendors fall to what we call the “plant and pray” syndrome. We’ve noticed a habit of farmers who plant seeds and then pray that local farmer’s markets can buy what they grow. No more waiting for buyers and wholesale food distributors to come your way. Sell your products before you drop the first seed.
When a vendor offers a bid, the LVC portal calculates the service fee and adds it to the bid. The price the buyer sees includes the service fee so that neither the buyer or the vendor has any surprises.
The second you click your mouse, LVC works with local vendors to deliver your products to the door of your house. If you need something immediately, please contact us through email.