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Terms of Use

Local Vendors Coalition (LVC) provides features in which by using these features, you accept these conditions. We are here to serve you the best we can. LVC is here to help local communities and will stand by its word and its mission.

By using this site you understand that the security of your login name and passwords is sole responsibility of the individual user. Any miss use of your login name will be your responsibility. If you are under 18 you may only use LVC with the supervision and consent of an adult. LVC reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders at LVC’s sole discretion.

LVC is a third party resource representing only itself and connecting buyers and vendors. In no way is LVC responsible for the actions of its members or customers.

All of LVC may use electronic forms of communication. Any agreement in electronic form, whether it is email or an electronic signature are considered legally binding documents.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There are NO RETURNS. If a Vendor would like to offer a Refund to a customer, the vendor must, in writing, contact the LVC to discuss the matter.

If vendor agrees to supply the product they are responsible for providing that product at agreed upon date with accepted quality for the agreed price. Once vendor agrees to supply that product, Vendor must follow through with supplying that order. If a Vendor Fails to do so, they are subject to return all money plus a 20% Service Charge as well as loose membership status

If buyer decides to buy a product, buyer is required to adhere to payment arrangement and must fulfill such arrangement before buyer can receive desired products. If Buyer decides they do not want the item after agreement is made, then buyer is still responsible to uphold all terms of agreement.

Membership Cancellation
Memberships can be canceled by written documents electronically sent to LVC. Member is subject to fulfill full billing cycle. Membership may be terminated by LVC at anytime.

Membership Renewals and Trial Periods
All memberships will be renewed automatically. By agreeing to these terms LVC is authorized to automatically withdrawal funds to renew membership. The highest value for any members to have the $0.99 a month Gold membership. This membership is available for all members and as soon as member makes their first sale, they will then be charged the full membership fees automatically for that month forward.